Writers Guild Files Helpful Indecency Comments to FCC

With the FCC now reconsidering its standards for indecency enforcement to focus only on “egregious” violations, the Writers Guild of America, west, filed comments calling for the eventual phasing out of all indecency regulations, particularly in primetime.  The WGA correctly noted that the “contemporary community” standard for judging “indecency” is inherently subjective and “ripe for abuse.”  When the Parents Television Council and similar groups can conjure up thousands of immediate indecency complaints to the FCC with a single email to its activist and highly motivated members, who likely as not never saw the offending incident, using these complaints as evidence of the broader standards of the contemporary community of all TV viewers is not valid and amounts to a “heckler’s veto,” where a small but determined minority can dictate the standards for free expression for the broader community.  Well said.

The WGA’s comments are here:  WGA Comments Indecency 080213.