The Swamp’s Attack on Net Neutrality

As Tim Wu points out in this excellent column, Net Neutrality — the rule that Internet Service Providers have to treat all websites and web services alike and not favor their own — has been one of the “most effective economic policies of the 21st century.” The Golden Age of streaming television series, the advent of “skinny bundles” of cable channels, etc. And so, when the populace benefits from this policy, what does the so-called “populist” President’s FCC Chair do?  He tries to eliminate Net Neutrality.  This radical change in policy will only benefit Big Cable and Big Telecom and hurt the populace that supported the “populist.” This is the Swamp rising up to steal the Internet that belongs to all of the people. Get mad. Take action. The Populace must be heard.  Read Tim Wu’s excellent piece, here.