Obama Demands Real Net Neutrality

In a strongly worded statement notable for its uncharacteristic boldness, President Obama today Big Footed his Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler by demanding that the Commission impose strict Net Neutrality regulations on Internet Service Providers.  Why such an unprecedented intrusion into a rulemaking by the FCC, an independent government agency?  Speculation is that Obama lost confidence in Wheeler, his hand-picked FCC Chair and former top fundraiser, to support real NN protections, despite Obama’s prior statements in favor of them.  Instead, Wheeler, once a top lobbyist for the cable industry, had peddled a false Net Neutrality “compromise” to almost universal disapproval, including, as is now obvious, the disapproval of the President of the United States who appointed him. With the cable and telecom industries now screaming bloody murder for a turn of events they never saw coming, will Wheeler now abandon his own proposal and follow his President?  Good coverage is here and here.