News Corp. COO Chernin Says Giant Media Conglomerates “Ultimately the Enemies of Creativity.”

According to October 28th’s Daily Variety, News Corp. COO Peter Chernin told a group of media executives that he fears media conglomerates’ vast size and clout are “‘ultimately the enemies of creativity. Creativity doesn’t care about leverage, or that you cut $250 million in costs. I think it behooves all of us to think about how you manage the creative process… I don’t expect a writer for a TV show to care about the greater good of News Corp… You don’t want one voice, or filtering 25 movies through one individual.”

Chernin becomes the sixth present or former topper of a major network — Fox — to express concern about the harmful effects of media concentration on independent and creative voices. Others are Barry Diller, Jaime Kellner, Sir Howard Stringer, Grant Tinker, and Ted Turner.

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