Net Neutrality Vital to Indie Filmmakers

Excellent article by Jordan Zakarin  in The Wrap about Net Neutrality and how vital the doctrine is to independent filmmakers. More and more, indie films are reaching their audience via the Internet. While the tolls and gates that the big Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable (soon to merge??????!!!!) may not be a matter of life and death to powerful Big Media content creators, for indie filmers it’s an entirely different story.  They may not be able to pay the tolls, they may have to make some kind of unfavorable distribution deal with one of the ISPs, or they may to make an unfavorable deal with Big Media to get enough clout to get favorable carriage on the Net. If you’re an indie film fan, you’ll want to write your congressman or the FCC in support of Net Neutrality, which may be dying a slow and painful death under the relentless lobbying onslaught of the Internet Service Providers.