McCain Intros Cable + Broadcast Bill

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) introduced a far-reaching Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 that would force cable operators to offer cable channels “a la carte” and also make it financially impossible for broadcasters to move to cable in response to new disrupter Aereo, as some have threatened. As this smart article on Deadline notes, the bill will never pass since it manages the almost impossible feat of uniting the powerful and usually-warring cable and broadcast lobbies in a desperate effort to kill it.  Nevertheless, it’s not a futile gesture. It’s clear that emerging technology, colossal cable bills, cord-cutting, outrage about so-called “indecency”, and other factors are causing all players in the business to reconsider the cable channel “bundle” that consumers are forced to swallow every month whether they want it or not. With consumers choking on the bundle, McCain’s bill gets the conversation started.