Fox – Time Warner Combo Will F**k Media Makers

Welcome back Nikki Finke.  Today, in an article on her new website which she demurely calls, “Here We Go Again: How Rupert Murdoch/Time Warner Merger Would Fuck You In Hollywood,” she nails the calamitous effects of a Fox — Time Warner merger on the people who make the content — the writers, actors, directors, and producers —  that is today so desired by media conglomerates.  With one fewer powerful buyer at the negotiating table, and other mergers sure to reduce the number of buyers/players even further, it’s gonna be a tough time for independent media artists.  While the media has been focusing on the “clout” that the merger would create in terms of negotiating better terms from cable and satellite operators for the merger company’s valuable portfolio of cable channels — CNN, TNT, TBS, FOX News, FX, FS1, FOX Broadcasting — there has been almost no attention paid to the colossal clout that will be beating up the creative talent and their guilds at the negotiating table.  Even more shocking, there has been no mention at all of one fewer “voice” in the mass media arena, where only a few corporate “voices” drown out almost everyone else, especially the voices of independent media artists.  Yeah, but no worries say the analysts, they can always post their stuff on the Internet — the only problem is that without Net Neutrality, which the FCC is on the verge of gutting, they may not have access to the Internet either. Only a few years ago, there would have been a huge outcry.  Today — silence.  Thanks again, Nikki Finke, for writing the real story here.